Finally, We Get That Cheetah Trailer We Should Have Had A Month Ago


Despite debuting in the "Here Come The Girls" trailer for Injustice 2, we haven't seen much of Cheetah. And that's kind of a shame. Finally, she's gotten her own trailer where we get to watch her use her claws, stunning acrobatics, and the environment against Wonder Woman, Robin, and Deadshot. The trailer shows off Cheetah's combat and it's best, all lightning quick attacks and doges, and then shows off her special in all it's spine-breaking power.

Granted, there are a lot of people wondering why Cheetah was included in Injustice 2, with theories ranging from gameplay balance to narrative inclusion, or even just to even out the genders a bit more and give us some non-Bat, non-Supes villains. Because as much as the Batman and Superman villains are household names and easily recognizable, there are only so many times you want to beat up Solomon Grundy and get stuck with that awful "born on a Monday" rhyme in your head.

Oh, was that just me?

The only thing I'm stuck wondering about here, is that Cheetah's special is a little too much like Catwoman's with all the claw slashing. Which was inevitable as they're both cat-themed female villains, but thankfully the rest of Cheetah's gameplay is a bit more reliant on throws and upper body strength.

Cheetah's got a pretty fascinating history for the non-comics fans. She first appeared as Wonder Woman's enemy in Wonder Woman #6 way back in 1943 but has flipped back and forth a few times between being an ally to Wonder Woman as well. There have been four people to take the name in DC's publication history, with the current version being the human-cheetah hybrid Barbara Ann Minerva, and now it looks like Minerva's come to Injustice 2 to shake things up a bit.

Now if only we could work on that horrible dialogue.

Cheetah previously appeared in a Ladies-Only trailer back in February that you can watch here.

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