Football Manager 2021 Developer Was Offered Bribes By Player Agents

If you'd like a good laugh about the insecurity of sports players, you need look no further than Football Manager 2021. It is absolutely not unheard of for a player or a manager or a team or an agent to ask that a company developing a sports title help make their team/player look a little better in the fictional version of their sport than they are in real life. There have been accusations over the years over preferential treatment for certain stars or people straight-up calling out companies for making average players seem better. But for the most part, it's usually sour grapes from one person or another over how they're rated in a game. (Although we do get some enjoyment out of seeing NBA and NFL stars find out how well Electronic Arts rated them and get disappointed in real time.) But in the case of Football Manager 2021, this may be the first time we've heard about outright bribery.

My player has a low score, but how about a few thousand pounds to make them better? Courtesy of SEGA.
My player has a low score, but how about a few thousand pounds to make them better? Courtesy of SEGA.

Sports Interactive director Miles Jacobson revealed this week that a few different player agents attempted to bribe the developers to help improve their client's ratings in Football Manager 2021. Chatting with The Athletic in a conversation about the latest game, he admits that he's received calls all the time about players complaining about their ratings all the time, and how some agents have tried to bribe them to get their players a better score.

It is fascinating to hear that they've only tweaked the system once after a player complained he was faster than another player and filmed himself racing against that player to get their score adjusted. But the fact that so many players are super insecure about their own ranking in a video game seems absolutely hilarious to us.

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