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Football Manager 2022 Will Be Released On November 9th
SEGA and Sports Interactive finally revealed today that Football Manager 2022 will be coming out for both PC and Xbox on November 9th The game will make its return to Xbox after a successful run with the "tailored made"version that previously came out, while the PC version will be for Steam and the Epic Games[...]
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Sports Interactive and SEGA revealed today that they have started making plans to include Women's Football into Football Manager The company released images showing that they have started taking images of players for their inclusion into the game, as it appears they will be doing like other sports titles have been doing and set it[...]
Football Manager 2021 Developer Was Offered Bribes By Player Agents
(Although we do get some enjoyment out of seeing NBA and NFL stars find out how well Electronic Arts rated them and get disappointed in real time.) But in the case of Football Manager 2021, this may be the first time we've heard about outright bribery. My player has a low score, but how about a[...]
Football Manager 2021 Finally Comes TO PC This Week
SEGA and Sports Interactive have officially released Football Manager 2021 onto PC through both Steam and the Epic Games Store If you've been playing the beta on either system, all you need to do is quit your game, launch anew and get the new update for the full game Now you'll have better access to[...]
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SEGA and Sports Interactive have announced a new Football Manager game is on the way with the unveiling of FMFC According to the info they released, this latest title in the franchise brings Football Manager fans "closer to the game they love with members being the first to get their eyes on the big news[...]
Manchester United Sues Football Manager Over Trademark Infringement
SEGA and Sports Interactive find themselves on the wrong side of Manchester United as the football club sues the game Football Manager According to The Guardian, the issue stems from a trademark infringement, saying it has been extensively used the name throughout the game instead of using the official Manchester United crest Instead, they have[...]