For Honor Still Boasts 1 Million Unique Players Every Month

Ubisoft has revealed that a year on from release, For Honor is currently very healthy, boasting a large player base with a decent portion continuing to play the title every month.

For Honor

Ubisoft has made a bit of a habit out of keeping their games happy and healthy even if they don't immediately take off. Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division and Ghost Recon: Wildlands are games that, while not instantly becoming the most popular games in the world on their release, are continually supported until their audience grows to a sustainable state. In the AAA industry that can drop games and forget them if they aren't the next Call of Duty or Destiny in the first week, it is a refreshing stance. For Honor is no different. The game is continuing to get support and just went under the not insubstantial task of changing its online play to be hosted on dedicated servers. Those go live tomorrow.

It seems that TLC is paying off too. In an investors call earlier this week (via ResetEra), Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot revealed the current player base for the title, saying:

"One year after the launch of For Honor, more than 7.5 million players have joined the battlefield, with over 1 million unique players playing every month."
That is incredibly impressive. Reaching 7.5 million players is no simple task and with a million coming to play the game every month, it shows that there most certainly is still a community for the title.
For Honor is a cool little game, too. Honestly, it's pretty against the grain and not the kind of thing that is huge in the market right now.  The fact there is an intensely tactical online melee fighting game by a major publisher out there doing well… well, that is just pretty cool.