For Honor Is Hosting Dedicated Server Tests to Try, Even if You Don't Own the Game

For Honor is currently in the process of converting host-based servers to dedicated ones, and to make sure they're working properly, is running tests starting today. The rather cool thing? You don't need the game to try it out.

For Honor Is Hosting Dedicated Server Tests to Try, Even if You Don't Own the Game

A few months ago, Ubisoft announced that the game would be leaving player hosted servers behind to create a better experience. The problem was that whichever player was hosting a match would have big advantages because they didn't face latency at all. Now with dedicated servers, players will connect to a centralised Ubisoft server making everything much fairer.

Starting today and running to December 18th, those servers are being tested out, and you can try out the beta, even if you don't own the game. Supposedly, this is to really give the title a proper audience during the trial. To do so, just head over here and sign up on either PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox.

More than that, if you participate in the tests, you'll earn in-game rewards for the full game like steel, crates and a special emblem. You'll also be entered into a raffle which could win you physical goods like copies of the game, t-shirts, signed concept art or even a statue. Here is a little note from the developers about the tests:

While For Honor didn't set the world on fire when it came out, it's definitely got a pretty cool mechanic to it. Like Rainbow Six: Siege before it, Ubisoft isn't giving up on the title and it does seem to be solidifying its community. Why not go see if you want to be part of it? It's free, after all.