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Fortnite Teases G.I. Joe Characters Coming To The Game

According to the latest content drop from Epic Games, it looks like we'll be seeing G.I. Joe characters come to Fortnite. Recently the company has been adding in several characters from different franchises to boost Season 5 from Chapter 2 of the game. That includes getting The Mandalorian from Star Wars, the T-800 and Sarah Conner from The Terminator, and recently adding The Predator from that movie franchise. All of them coming in with the concept that they're some of the best hunters in all of the multiverse. Well, the latest addition to the game look like they'll be fitting right in with that cast of characters and will make the game seem just a little more wacky.

A look at Snake Eyes from Snake Eyes Deadgame #1, cover by Rob Liefeld.
A look at Snake Eyes from Snake Eyes Deadgame #1, cover by Rob Liefeld.

Today the developers dropped this little ditty on the Fortnite official Twitter, a broadcast message from the agent going around bringing in all of these characters from different planes of existence. As you will hear from he recorded message he transmits, he's in a land with a lot of laser warfre and he found one dude who looks like he can handle the job and then some. All with the famous tagline at the end, "Knowing is half the battle."

Doesn't take a lot of work to figure out that at the very least, Fortnite will be getting Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe in the very near future. In fact, if they don't drop the character on everyone over the weekend, we'd be shocked if they're not added to the game come Monday. The big question from us is whether or not anyone actually cares they're getting Snake Eyes, or if anyone actually cares that all of these characters are coming together for what is essentially a way for the company to make some cash off a ton of '80s characters. We shall see very soon.

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