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Free Fire Reveals More About Justin Bieber Anniversary Celebrations
Garena dropped more details this morning of what they have planned for Free Fire's 5th Anniversary featuring Justin Bieber The team had previously revealed that Bieber would be performing live in the game, but now we know he will be debuting a brand new exclusive track made specifically for the anniversary The song will debut[...]
Free Fire Launches New Era With The Second Battle & New Logo
Garena has launched a new update for Free Fire as the game has been given a bit of a makeover with a new logo and a new era Some of the major additions to the game include a bit of a spruced-up style to the graphics, a new collaboration system, and a slew of events[...]
Justin Bieber Joins Free Fire For Its 5th Anniversary
Garena revealed a special guest is coming to Free Fire as Justin Bieber will be taking part in the game's 5th Anniversary The game will be hosting its first-ever in-game performance featuring the pop singer on August 27th, as Bieber is set to debut an exclusive track that will come out first during this showcase[...]
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Garena revealed more details this week about the upcoming Rampage: United event coming to Free Fire, as it will launch on Saturday The team is touting this as the "most exciting" update for the game to date as you'll be able to jump in on June 25th and experience brand new game mode, be able[...]
Free Fire Brings Back Rampage Event With New Transforming Outfit
Garena has brought back one of the most popular events in Free Fire as Rampage returns, along with a brand new outfit for the game We have a lot of the notes for the latest update and event below, but one of the big additions is a brand new transforming suit that you can acquire,[...]
Free Fire Launches new Bomb Squad features
Garena revealed a new addition to Free Fire starting today as they have added new Bomb Squad features and more into the game Bomb Squad has added a brand new 5v5 mode for everyone to play, but it will only be running from June 3rd-12th This is taking place ahead of the latest update on[...]
Free Fire World Series Returns In May With $2M Prize Pool
Garena revealed more details about the 2022 Free Fire World Series, which will be making its return this year with a $2m prize pool on the line Eight teams have already qualified and have been given automatic invites to the Grand Finals, while another eight teams will be vying for the Play-Ins as we'll see[...]
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Garena has decided to add some lore to their hit mobile game Free Fire with the launch of a new film, Free Fire Tales: The First Battle The film will launch on April 23rd as it will tell the story of Hayato Yagami as he navigates through life, searching for ways to overcome his inner[...]
Free Fire Will Be Launching An Esports Division For North America
Garena revealed more details about the Free Fire Pro Series Grand Finals as we know who will be taking part in the Spring 2022 event The Spring 2022 North America Grand Finals will kick off on Friday, April 1st, and run all the way until April 3rd, putting twelve of the best teams against each[...]
Free Fire Launches New Collaboration With Assassin's Creed
Garena revealed a new collaboration coming to Free Fire today as they have partnered with Ubisoft to bring Assassin's Creed to the game The event will have an in-game reskin, as well as several crossover collection items, and have several elements from the series scattered across the maps You'll also see collaboration banners that will[...]
BTS Becomes Free Fire's Latest Global Ambassadors
An interesting promotion this morning from Garena as they have revealed that K-pop sensation BTS has become global ambassadors for Free Fire The game has been making headway across the globe as one of the fastest rising battle royale games on the market and has slowly been taking over various markets around the planet over[...]
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Garena has launched a brand new game mode into Free Fire today as the new Squad BEATz-themed content makes its way into a new update Along with a brand new music video that will be debuting later today, the game is getting a content update that adds in a new mode called Pet Ludo Players[...]
Free Fire Will Be Launching An Esports Division For North America
Garena revealed this week that they will be bringing back the Free Fire Pro Series North America for full competition this Spring The plan right now for them is to bring out a special twelve-week tournament that will run sort of like a season, but they're not officially calling it that The event will run[...]
Assassin’s Creed Will Be Coming To Free Fire This March
Garena has announced that they have a new partnership with Ubisoft as the two will be bringing Assassin's Creed over to Free Fire in March The news came down this evening as it was revealed with the artwork below that the long-running group of assassins would be coming to the battle royale title However, we[...]
Free Fire World Series 2022 Will Take Place In Singapore
Garena revealed this morning that the Free Fire World Series 2022 would be coming to the Island of Sentosa in Singapore this May In case you might be wondering, Sentosa is located just off Singapore's southern coast and has slowly been becoming a sport for esports events to be held within the APAC region This[...]