From The Rumor Mill: Is There A New F-Zero Game On The Way?

The latest bit of gossip to happen before we hit the new year suggests that Nintendo may have a new F-Zero game in the works for 2023. The last time we saw a proper title for the series on a major console was F-Zero GX for the GameCube clear back in 2003. And yes, we know, there were a bunch of releases for the array of Game Boy line, with the last being F-Zero Climax in 2004, but none of them had the punch like that last console version, which many attest is the greatest title to come from the series. But since that time, it has just been a lot of fans begging and pleading to see the series come back, and the closest we've ever seen is having a race track stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate while Captain Falcon sits on its massive roster, not even doing the thing he was originally made to do.

From The Rumor Mill: Is There A New F-Zero Game On The Way?
Credit: Nintendo

Well, if the rumors are true, that may be changing this year. The news is coming from podcaster and general leaked info source NateTheHate, who spoke recently about what may be on the way from Nintendo throughout 2023 on the ResetEra forums. He was actually answering a question about Metroid when he decided to respond to someone's comments about the racing series, to which he said this:

"F-Zero's time will come in 2023. As for Metroid Prime 1… Retro completed development of the game in late summer of 2021 (for clarity: development finished then — it still had to go through QA, any localization, and such). The game has been finished for some time now. Nintendo just opted to wait to announce and bring it to market, for whatever reason."

If he's telling the truth, then the company could announce a new game during one of their Direct livestreams as soon as January. But in all likelihood, if they are making a new one and want to make a big deal about it, we won't know anything until this summer around either E3 or Summer Game Fest. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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