Funko Games To Release The Goonies: Never Say Die

Funko Games revealed a new board game tied to an '80s franchise this month as they'll be releasing The Goonies: Never Say Die. The game will have you playing as the four main kids who go off treasure hunting, along with Sloth, as you make your way through the caves solving puzzles, running from the Fratellis, and avoiding the traps of One-Eyed Willie. The game is for 2-5 players and runs about 50 minutes to play. The cost of it will run you $35 as it will be released sometime this Summer, but you can pre-order it now through Target.

Credit: Funko Games
Credit: Funko Games

It's our time, down here. Embark on a perilous adventure full of dangerous booby traps and treacherous treasure-filled caverns! One player is the Goondocks Master, controlling fearsome foes, from the outlaw family, the Fratellis, to the legendary pirate, One-Eyed Willie. The other players take on the role of the Goonies— Mikey, Mouth, Chunk, Data, and Sloth — overcoming cryptic puzzles and deadly challenges with teamwork, strategy, and Data's clever contraptions! Will the Goonies discover the legendary riches that will save their homes, or will they follow the fate of Chester Copperpot…and never see the light of day? The Goonies work together to win or lose as a team, while the GM wins or loses individually.

This story-driven strategy game from acclaimed design studio, Prospero Hall, is perfect for fans of classic role-playing games, while the fully scripted gameplay is streamlined to allow the charm of the Goonies to excite every fan of the film with no previous experience required.  Start off the summer in style and reunite with your friends and family to watch the original kids on bikes classic, and play along with The Goonies: Never Say Die.

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