Games For Change & Epic Games Partner Up For EdTech Resources

Games For Changes has announced today that they will be partnering with Epic Games to bring more educational technology to classrooms. The program will offer middle and high school educators a chance to bring Fortnite, Unreal Engine, and other content from the company to their curriculum starting this month and running through the end of the year. The first workshop will be "Introduction to Interactive 3D for Educators," held on March 22nd. We have a couple of quotes from both companies below, as well as a list of courses they plan to introduce down the road for those who are interested.

Credit: Games For Change
Credit: Games For Change

"Educators are continuing to think of creative ways to engage their students, and we are excited to facilitate a series of 19 workshops and ultimately, help prepare students for real-world career opportunities using industry-standard tools," said Arana Shapiro, Managing Director of Games for Change. "The combination of the Games for Change educator community and the powerful pedagogical tools Epic has created will help to amplify problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity in the classroom."

"We are thrilled to support Games For Change as they introduce these exciting new programs into the classroom, further bridging the gap from player to creator," said Linda Sellheim, Education Lead, Epic Games. "Today's students need to learn new skills to meet the growing demands of an immersive culture and to benefit from the opportunities that real-time 3D technology is unlocking across a wide range of industries."

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games
  • Introduction to Interactive 3D for Educators: 1-hour webinars that will introduce educators to interactive 3D and real-time technology across a variety of industries, including advertising, game development, architecture, engineering, automotive, film, and entertainment. The workshop will share teaching resources using Fortnite Creative, Twinmotion, and Unreal Engine. Educators will leave with an understanding of the suite of Epic Games' 3D interactive resources and the potential they have to prepare students for real-world skills using industry-standard tools.
  • Teach With Fortnite Creative Workshop: Half-day workshops where educators will learn to use Fortnite Creative to empower students to become creators. Teachers will engage in hands-on learning and a series of challenges to explore Fortnite Creative's fundamentals. This workshop is a great start to help educators bring Fortnite Creative into the classroom, in person or virtually.
  • Teach with Fortnite Creative Level 2 Workshop: This next-level workshop will dive deeper into the functionality of Fortnite Creative and examine innovative ways to create a curriculum that educators can incorporate into their content area. Participants will gain a better understanding of how devices in the game can be used to enhance automation to develop more engaging experiences.
  • Teach with Unreal Engine Workshop: In this workshop, educators will gain a better understanding of how Unreal Engine is being used across industries, including advertising, architecture, automotive, games, film and television, and beyond. They will learn Unreal Engine fundamentals through guided projects, explore lesson plans, and walk away with tools and resources to successfully implement real-time content creation into their learning environments.

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