Geralt Could be Stepping Out of The Witcher and Into Another Upcoming Game This Year

CD Projekt RED's Community Manager has taken to Twitter to give a big hint that Geralt will be stepping outside of the realm of The Witcher and into another video game franchise later this year.

The witcher
credit//CD Projekt Red

Guest appearances in video games are always a little fun. They can be cool cross promotions like Aloy being in Monster Hunter: World, as well as bizarre, such as Gordon Freeman stepping into the world of Final Fantasy XV.  Still, it's fun to see them happen, as seeing companies work together to bring weird little bits of content out there is always neat.

It seems Geralt is gearing up to step outside of his own world and into another franchise later this year, though. Taking to Twitter, CD Projekt RED's community manager Marcin Momot teased a crossover, saying:

This, of course, could just be testing the water — but assuming it's not, the speculation as to where he will turn up is certainly going to fly. The instantly obvious suggestion is Monster Hunter: World. As mentioned, they've already done crossovers with Horizon: Zero Dawn, and monster hunting is kind of what Geralt does. However, the tweet does mention an "upcoming video game", and since Monster Hunter: World is already out, it would seemingly exclude that. My personal guess is Soul Calibur 6, as it's known for outlandish guest characters such as Ezio from Assassin's Creed 2. There will, of course, be speculation around stuff like any upcoming Super Smash Bros, but… well, let's not get too carried away.