Ghost In The Shell: First Assault's Full Revamp Looks OK

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault is getting a major facelift and overhaul on July 18th, and to celebrate the fact that they had to absolutely rework their entire game, Neople and Nexon America have released a new CG trailer to celebrate.

Honestly, I have to commend Neople and Nexon for going the FFXIV route and completely overhauling their game, but essentially blowing up your incredibly expensive MMO to relaunch it is a pretty dicey call. Because you might revamp the wrong things, and based on what we've seen and read about the "renewal" update, well. Some things have certainly changed for the better. All operatives now fall under distinct classes, they all have more HP, Sniper damage has been upped to deal with the HP increase, overall weapons balance has been tweaked, and the default keybinding makes sense.

However, most of the player complaints from the original setup came down to microtransactions, problems with lag and hit detection, and waste of an IP. Ghost in the Shell is a pretty unique intellectual property but First Assault was pretty much just a Call of Duty clone with some Deus Ex-like skills thrown in. Essentially, it played like every other shooter and didn't leverage the Ghost in the Shell property anywhere near as much as it should have. And it doesn't really look like that will be changing at all.

Nothing has been mentioned in the patch notes about hit detection or lag compensation, and given that it is a Nexon property, the microtransactions will not be disappearing. I'm going to just flat out assume that it won't be doing much with making First Assault feel more like GITS at all, either.

So while a number of things are changing, they aren't all the right things. Still, it should be a little bit more balanced without Saito's wall hack.

The CG trailer is not bad, but then, its a CG trailer. You can check it out below for a laugh or two.

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