Ghostrunner Gets A New Update With Two Free Game Modes

505 Games along with all of its partners for Ghostrunner have added a new update to the game that will give you some cool new stuff to do. For starters, the devs have added two new modes into the game that will keep you busy for several hours, as they have introduced the roguelite-inspired Wave Mode, and the ever-helpful Assist Mode that will allow you to tune combat difficulty. Both of them are different but they offer up challenges that will either fine-tune your skills or make you so sick of the game you'll put it down for a week just to come back at it fresh to conquer what's ahead.

The other addition is unfortunately a paid item and it's only for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. That is the brand new synthwave-inspired cosmetic Neon Pack. As you can see from the image below, your blade gets a bit of a colorful upgrade, that won't do much for you sneaking around but it will make you a very shiny blur to your enemies as you slice them to bits in flaming yellow.

Good luck stealthing with that on you. Courtesy of 505 Games.
Good luck stealthing with that on you. Courtesy of 505 Games.

Dive into Wave Mode and clash against waves of procedurally-generated enemy types in an enclosed arena-style level. Complete waves to earn hero upgrades that persist through each round. Survive 20 chaotic rounds to unlock an exclusive sword. If Ghostrunner's story and setting appealed to you but the fast-paced one-hit-one-kill combat was too overwhelming, try the new Assist mode. Three toggleable options even the odds:  shorter ability cooldowns, slower gameplay, and an extra life. Slice through attackers in style with the paid Neon Pack, offering four sets of gloves and katanas: Neon Night, Afterglow, Luminescence, and Glint. Blend in among Dharma Tower's cyberpunk cityscape and strike from up high like a lightning-quick vibrant blur.

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