Guerrilla Collective Announces First Two 2021 Livestream Events

The Guerrilla Collective revealed details this past week about their first two official livestreams happening in 2021. So far we know they're planning to do the events on June 5th and June 12th, both of which will take place live on Twitch and start at 8am PT. The Collective was formed last year in response to the pandemic to give studios a place to make game announcements. Primarily those who weren't invited to other streams, couldn't afford to run their own, or were not a part of any being hosted by conventions who took their event online. The streams did pretty well and served as a good spot to see a lot of indie games get announced, so there will always be something new you don't know about on them. You can read more about it below.

Credit: Guerrilla Collective
Credit: Guerrilla Collective

This year's Guerrilla Collective will feature over 80 games from teams including 2Awesome Studio, 505 Games, Akupara Games, All in! Games, Goblinz Studio, Fellow Traveller, Good Shepherd, Graffiti Games, Humble Games, Headup, Hypetrain Digital, Innersloth, tinyBuild, the newly rebranded Neon Doctrine (formerly Another Indie), Perfect World, Raw Fury, Superhot, Thunderful, Versus Evil, Whitethorn Games and more! With the event page on Steam, fans can check out demos, wishlist, purchase or pre-purchase many of the games featured in these digital events.

The Black Voices in Gaming segment continues the series which debuted for the first time in last year's Guerrilla Collective and has continued with regular installments this year.  Black Voices in Gaming highlights black voices in the gaming industry, dedicated exclusively to presenting games from Black developers, featuring Black protagonists, and conversations with these creators.

Wholesome Direct is an independent, volunteer-driven showcase organized by the Wholesome Games community to spotlight uplifting and thoughtful indie games. Tune in for exclusive footage, developer interviews, and announcements from over 75 wholesome titles. Sponsors for next month's Guerrilla Collective include Sony Interactive Entertainment, Kickstarter, Razer, 2Awesome Studio, Akupara Games, All in! Games, Goblinz Studio, Graffiti Games, Headup, Humble Games, Hypetrain Digital, Neon Doctrine, Raw Fury, Thunderful, tinyBuild and Whitethorn Games.

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