Harebrained Schemes' Mitch Gitelman Says The Mechanics Of Destiny Were Taken From Hated 2007 Shadowrun Game


Harebrained Schemes, the developer behind the rebooted Shadowrun franchise and the upcoming Battletech reboot, was on hand at Emerald City Comic Con for a panel appropriately called "From Shadowrun to BattleTech: Refreshing Beloved Franchises." Speaking about the poorly received 2007 game Shadowrun, Hairbrained co-founders Jordan Weisman and Mitch Gitelman said that the game would have been successful if it were called anything other than Shadowrun, as its gameplay bore little resemblance to the beloved tabletop game, or to an RPG at all. But according to Gitelman, who headed up the defunct FASA Studios that developed Shadowrun for Microsoft, the gameplay did become successful, albeit for a different title by another title.

"The mechanics on that game became Destiny," Gitelman said.

Dammmmmmmnnn! Did you hear that, Bungie?!

Thankfully, Gitelman and Weisman were more successful with Harebrained Schemes' Shadowrun revival trilogy, and excitement is high for them to bring back Battletech as well. You can still back the Battletech reboot at BattletechGame.com, which gets you into the looming beta, if you're interested.

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