Harry Potter: Wizards Unite November 2020 Wizarding Weekend Review

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite hosted its November 2020 Wizarding Weekend this… er, weekend. It focused on Hagrid-themed Foundables, including Hagrid himself, the Baby Norweigan Ridgeback Dragon, Grawp, the Dragon Egg, and more. Was this event an improvement over the past few Wizarding Weekends, which were deemed too difficult to complete by many players?

November Wizarding Weekend graphic in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic
November Wizarding Weekend graphic in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic

First up, let's make no mistake. This was the best Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Wizarding Weekend in recent memory. It was, however, not without its issues.

Now… Niantic was back on their B.S. in some ways with the Special Assignment. Personally, I think the amount of high-threat-level Foundables we were tasked with returning was a bit much, though not nearly as prohibitive as the past. The difficulty of Wizarding Weekends is the overlap between the limited time window and the intensity of the tasks. While Niantic has dialed down from the impossible-to-complete weekends of the previous months, easing up a bit on the number of these Foundables needed to complete the Assignment would go a long way. For example, even finding 20 Baby Norwegian Ridgebacks was a task in and of itself for casual players.

Still, this Hagrid-themed weekend was the best choice of a feature in recent memory for these weekends and it was, indeed, easier than the previous Wizarding Weekends in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It's interesting, though, as a Pokémon GO player to compare these two games. Pokémon GO's Timed Research questlines are very easy while the real tasks become long-term, such as catching shinies and grinding Stardust. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has fewer long-term rewards so they go really hard on the Special Assignments. Personally, I had more fun completing Registry pages than doing the Assignment anyway, so easing up on those and making them a bit more friendly for casuals would go a long way to balance these events. Overall, though, this was another improvement in what seems like a long series of improvements in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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