Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Secrets Revealed Part 2 Event Review

The Secrets Revealed Brilliant Event Part 2 is wrapping up in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Did this highly anticipated and slightly delayed event make-up for a dry July of gameplay?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Secrets Revealed Part 2 registry. Credit: Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Secrets Revealed Part 2 registry. Credit: Niantic

What worked in this Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event

  • The storyline: After an uneventful Part One, the conclusion to Secrets Revealed lived up to the name. We finally got some motivation for Gareth Greengrass and some emotional nuance as Constance pushes a bristling Harry Potter toward empathy. As all of this goes on, the ongoing arc of Ron recovering his memories continues. It seems as if Ron's missing memories are going to keep being a major in-game reason for the surges of the Calamity, as Harry uses this magical phenomenon in an attempt to connect Ron with his past. It's fun and all, but it is starting to feel less emotional and character-driven and a bit more Hey reader, remember when…? And just ask Tony Soprano what he thinks about "Remember when." All in all, though, the narrative remains the strongest part of these events, though Niantic's writers would have been better served to put some of Part Two's content in their boring Part One.
  • The Foundables: I love a new Brilliant Foundable and these were fun. Overall, both pages of the Secrets Revealed registry are quite nice when complete.

What didn't work in this Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event

  • Non-Brilliant event tasks: This is always annoying. The past string of Brilliant Events have included tasks requesting players return non-Brilliant Foundables. This time around, we were tasked with two different pages asking us to return Tom Riddle. This was quite rare during the event which made the quest not at all impossible but certainly a bit of a drag in parts.
  • Knight Bus glitches: The biggest flaw in the event was in the ongoing Knight Bus glitches that would freeze the game mid-battle. Fix it, y'know?


Overall, this Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event saw Secrets Revealed redeem its storyline after a lackluster Part One.

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