"Hitman 3" is Currently in Development at IO Interactive

A recent Noclip documentary on IO Interactive's Hitman series revealed that the developer is already working on Hitman 3 alongside a brand new IP. The documentary covers the entire series, from the original game all the way through Hitman 2 and beyond, including a brief bit of info about the upcoming sequel.

As Dualshockers reports:

Near the end of the documentary though, details on the future of the Hitman series and what developer IOI is working on next were seemingly divulged.

As stated in the video, IOI is currently continuing to work on new content for the latest installment Hitman 2. However, another portion of the team has now seemingly shifted gears and is looking forward to the next game in the series, which would assumedly be Hitman 3. According to the documentary, the early idea of this third game in the current Hitman series is also being considered to be released episodically. While Hitman 2 opted not to go down this route, the 2016 reboot of the franchise released as six episodes spread out over the course of the year.

The Copenhagen studio is also working on a brand new IP, which would be the fifth original project for the studio, and it will be entirely separate from the Hitman franchise.

While the Noclip documentary is an absolute treat for fans of the series, it doesn't include any information on release windows for either Hitman 3 or the new IP, which isn't a surprise. The documentary is focused on the series as a whole, rather than being a news piece about the new games IO is working on.

You can watch the Noclip documentary below.

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