How Will Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Impact DBS Card Game?

It's a good time to be a Dragon Ball fan. The Dragon Ball Super manga continues with Vegeta exploring the depths of his destructive new power, the DBS Card Game gains popularity amongst players and collectors alike, and word is that the anime will eventually continue. Until it does, though, we will have a new movie to continue the story of Goku and his friends. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will release in 2022 with a new computer-generated animation style previewed at this year's New York Comic Con, where the first trailer of the movie premiered. As Super Hero gets closer, players and collectors of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game may find themselves wondering how this release will impact 2022's sets.

Pan from Super Hero. Credit: Dragon Ball Super
Pan from Super Hero. Credit: Dragon Ball Super

Here are a few ways we could see the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film impact the Card Game:

  • Promo cards: It is likely that there will be promo cards associated with the movie and perhaps even given out at the movie theater.
  • Another themed booster: We haven't seen a Themed Booster since January 2019 and other styles of sets have mostly replaced these. Like last year's Battle Evolution Booster, Themed Boosters are smaller sets have a narrower focus than mainline expansions. The last Themed Booster, Clash of Fates, focused on the relationship between Frieza and Saiyans, with artwork inspired by both the Frieza Saga and the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie which was somewhat new at the time. The movie and the set came out essentially at the same time. If Bandai ever were to make another Themed Booster, tying it to Super Hero would be the move.
  • A main series expansion: You never know! If we don't get a small, dedicated set, perhaps we will begin to see portions of main series expansions focus on Super Hero. The trailer made me think we may see a Super Saiyan Pan, and that's just begging to be a Super Rare or Special Rare.
  • A new block: This is unlikely but hey, we're just theorizing here. The Unison Warrior block has been going on for some time now. Could Super Hero bring in a new block that instead focuses on canonical stories beyond the main anime such as the Super Hero movie, the Moro and Granolah arcs of the anime, and more? Unlikely, but imagine!

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