Humankind Receives A New Video Focused On Diplomacy

SEGA and Amplitude Studios have released a brand new feature focus video for Humankind, this time focused on the Art of Diplomacy. The game may be pushed back to August, but that doesn't mean they're stopping the promotion of the game as you are learning more about it. We have some of the info below from the devs, which you can read in full here. Enjoy the video!

Learn about Diplomacy as the game will be released on August 17th, courtesy of SEGA.
Learn about Diplomacy as the game will be released on August 17th, courtesy of SEGA.

The Diplomacy system in Humankind provides a system for these relationships to interact with the game instead of just existing in the mind of the player. Angry at that neighbor who forward settled you? Send them a strongly worded letter to demand they hand it over immediately. Backstabbed by your long-term ally? They'll have a hard time maintaining that war. Through the diplomacy system, the AI can take your relationship to it into account when making decisions, but it can also contribute to the emerging story by telling you what it thinks of you.

We also wanted the diplomacy in Humankind to be grounded in the space of the game, so many diplomatic actions (like trading, for example) are tied to specific locations on the map. Furthermore, diplomacy should feel immediate and impactful, making propositions, declarations, and demands with noticeable effects, rather than negotiating the details of a deal down to the last gold piece. There are three parts to this approach: Treaties, Trade, and Grievances and Demands.

Treaties are your primary means of cooperating with other civilizations and forming closer relationships with them. While you're at peace, you can propose treaties improving your cooperation in four different categories: Trade, Information Sharing, Border Policy, and Military Accords. For example, when you first meet another civilization, your armies are allowed to engage each other in battle in neutral territory, so you may want to suggest a Non-aggression Pact to prevent that. When you receive such a proposition, on the other hand, it's up to you whether you accept, refuse, or ask for some monetary compensation for your cooperation.

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