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SEGA Releases A New Humankind Video Showing Off The Soundtrack

SEGA has released a new behind-the-scenes video for Humankind, this time exploring how they went about making the soundtrack The company has been showing off several videos of the work they've been doing on the game to prepare you for its release In the latest Feature Focus video, their fifth entry is called "Composing the[...]

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"Endless Legend" Has Been Made Free Until The End Of March

A number of players reached out to the devs to ask them if they could make their upcoming game Humankind free to play, but it's just not ready So the compromise made is to make their other game free to play for the next week If you're unfamiliar with their terrain-based strategy title, we have[...]

Video Game Awards 2019: New Gameplay Trailer For 'Humankind' Debuts

Video Game Awards 2019: New Gameplay Trailer For 'Humankind' Debuts

Humankind, a brand new game from SEGA, Amplitude, and Games2gether, debuted a new trailer dring the preshow for the Video Game Awards this evening The game is all about building up your very own civilization and how far you can take it Starting from the bronze age all the way through the modern age, each[...]

Sega Teases Uses New Website To Tease"HMKD"

SEGA Teases Uses New Website To Tease"HMKD"

There's some speculation that HMKD is a new AAA game that will be announced by Sega at Gamescom next week, as they've hinted at big announcements to come.According to Gematsu, SEGA previously filed a trademark for "Humankind" in Japan during December 2018 They later trademarked the same term internationally in April 2019 If this is[...]