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Humankind Reveals New "Together We Rule" Expansion
SEGA and Amplitude Studios revealed the next major expansion coming to Humankind as it will be called Together We Rule The update will add more cultures, but more importantly, it will add new options for you when you get to a certain point in the development of your culture Such as Leverage as a currency,[...]
Humankind Launches New Da Vinci Event With Latest Update
SEGA and Amplitude Studios have released a new update and event into Humankind as the game enters the Da Vinci era of content The team added what they're calling the Vitruvian Update a few days ago which included a number of additions from the Renaissance era Some of the more important additions include changes to[...]
Humankind Celebrates Holi Festival With Latest Update
SEGA and Amplitude Studios released a new update into Humankind this week as they are celebrating Holi in their own way The event is currently running and will end on April 11th, but not before a second chapter with three additional challenges will be added to the game on March 24th Each of those challenges[...]
Humankind's First DLC "Cultures Of Africa" Is Up For Pre-Order
SEGA has revealed the first official DLC for Humankind this week as Cultures Of Africa is now currently available to pre-order Developer Amplitude Studios has put together a new set of cultures from across the continent at different periods of time that you can start the game wish to explore, build your society, and eventually[...]
Humankind Releases November Update & Dia De Los Muertos Event
SEGA has released a new update into Humankind this week that adds a ton of content, including the Dia de los Muertos event The update itself comes with two primary adjustments, those being in the game settings as well as the balancing of the game They've also integrated into the game to allow for Modding[...]
SEGA Has Launched The Map Creation Contest For Humankind
SEGA has launched a brand new contest for those who have the gift for map-making as you can win a prize pack for the game Humankind All you have to do is create a world however you see fit based on the simple guidelines they have laid out, and you can win all this awesome[...]
SEGA has released a brand new video for Humankind as they explore more of the aspects of the late game of historical strategy title With the game on the way on for an August 17th release date, we're finding out more about what's in store for players, especially when they get to a certain point[...]
Humankind Shows Off A New Trailer & Announces Upcoming OpenDev
SEGA has a new trailer out for Humankind as the team shows off the scale and scope of the game they're about to release The team behind the game basically wants you to know how much effort went into this game so you can have the most fulfilling experience bringing your society to life Going[...]
Humankind Receives A New Video Focused On Diplomacy
SEGA and Amplitude Studios have released a brand new feature focus video for Humankind, this time focused on the Art of Diplomacy The game may be pushed back to August, but that doesn't mean they're stopping the promotion of the game as you are learning more about it We have some of the info below[...]
Humankind Shows Off A New Trailer & Announces Upcoming OpenDev
Amplitude Studios and SEGA have revealed this week that Humankind will now be pushed back to a new release date of August 17th The decision apparently came after the game went through some testing phases with players and they realized the game needed a little more love and attention before being pushed to the public[...]
Humankind Main Logo
SEGA has released a new video this week for Humankind which focuses more on the Art of War within the game This particular video focuses on the basics of Battles in the game, as units are grouped into armies and give the player multiple options to control many units which then deploy them in different[...]
Humankind Main Logo
SEGA and Amplitude Studios recently released a new video for Humankind going over the game options for your Avatar The game will have you create an avatar of yourself where you'll design however you wish to look for the world to see you in the game, as you take your society to new heights around[...]
Humankind Shows Off A New Trailer & Announces Upcoming OpenDev
Amplitude Studios and SEGA dropped a new trailer for Humankind onto people at The Game Awards 2020 with some bonus news The latest trailer for the game is kind of fun as you see how a single individual can change the course of history, depending on who they are and at what point in time[...]
Humankind Main Logo
Amplitude Studios and SEGA released a new developer video for Humankind, this time around focusing on religion The game has so many aspects going for it that just managing a single cycle will have you looking over every little aspect to determine if you're going int he right direction with your people The latest wrinkle[...]
Humankind Main Logo
SEGA has released a new behind-the-scenes video for Humankind, this time exploring how they went about making the soundtrack The company has been showing off several videos of the work they've been doing on the game to prepare you for its release In the latest Feature Focus video, their fifth entry is called "Composing the[...]
Endless Legend Logo Art
A number of players reached out to the devs to ask them if they could make their upcoming game Humankind free to play, but it's just not ready So the compromise made is to make their other game free to play for the next week If you're unfamiliar with their terrain-based strategy title, we have[...]
Video Game Awards 2019: New Gameplay Trailer For 'Humankind' Debuts
Humankind, a brand new game from SEGA, Amplitude, and Games2gether, debuted a new trailer dring the preshow for the Video Game Awards this evening The game is all about building up your very own civilization and how far you can take it Starting from the bronze age all the way through the modern age, each[...]
Sega Teases Uses New Website To Tease"HMKD"
There's some speculation that HMKD is a new AAA game that will be announced by Sega at Gamescom next week, as they've hinted at big announcements to come. According to Gematsu, SEGA previously filed a trademark for "Humankind" in Japan during December 2018 They later trademarked the same term internationally in April 2019 If this is[...]