Humble Bundle Is Giving Away Brutal Legend For Free

Hey, you! You want a free game? Of course you do. Brutal Legend is currently free to pick up on the Humble Bundle store, no strings attached (apart from making an account for the site). Just head over the storefront and claim it. It's part of the company's current sale, so you might want to check out some of the other deals on offer, too. There are some genuine bargains in there.

The offer will end tomorrow, so make sure you claim it soon.

Just for a refresher, Brutal Legend is a 2009 game from Psychonauts and Broken Age developer Double Fine Productions. It stars Jack Black as Eddie Rigs, the world's best roadie, and sees him transported to a world infused with Heavy Metal. It had its faults, but it's largely a pretty fun time. Certainly for free, too. Get on it.