Hunter: The Reckoning Receives 5th Edition Core Rulebook Preview

World of Darkness and Renegade Game Studios have released a special preview for the 5th Edition core rulebook for Hunter: The Reckoning. This will mark the official relaunch of this specific series from the WoD universe as you play human characters who are hunting down all of the supernatural beings that roam freely. Because you can't have all these vampires and werewolves and mummies and whatnot doing whatever they feel like without some kind of checks and balances from those who still have their mortality. Before the game is fully released later this year, they wanted to give out a preview for people to check out and mess around with. Here's some notes from the devs on this release.

Hunter: The Reckoning
Credit: Renegade Game Studios

The newly released Core Rulebook Preview PDF is free to download from the Account section on our website – simply log in and click to download! Along with the book's cover, it contains:

  • "A Call to Action" introduction – what is Hunter: The Reckoning about, and who are the Hunters?
  • Inquisitive creed with its personality, tactics, dangers and archetypes – an example creed for those who want to play as knowledge-seeking, occult-savvy and curious Hunters,
  • Beast Whisperer Edge & Perks – for those who want their Hunter to have a trusted animal companion, and more!
  • La Celestina, The Bloody Mannequin – an example antagonist to use in your Hunter chronicles.

You can get the preview right now, and with a little bit of cunning and trickery, you can utilize this content in titles such as Vampire: The Masquerade so that you have an idea of how you could possibly incorporate this content into those storylines. Or you can test out your own Hunter: The Reckoning-centric story as a prelude to when the main game will eventually come out. In any case, enjoy checking it out!

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