Interview: Cassius Marsh On A Magic: The Gathering Box Break Event

Magic: The Gathering has had a really strong recent influx of major names praising the premier trading card game, From such celebrities as musical artist Post Malone to NFL Lineback Cassius MarshMagic has been flush with all sorts of big names. We got the chance to interview Marsh in anticipation of a box break event at his store Cash Cards Unlimited, set to occur on October 23rd. Therein, the NFL star will be opening a booster box of Revised Edtion for his clients, who paid into the box break within 24 hours of its announcement! In this interview, we got to pick his brain a bit about what else is going on during the event and even got some insights about his take on the game as a whole.

A flyer for the Magic: The Gathering Revised box break event being hosted by Cassius Marsh on October 22nd and 23rd.
A flyer for the Magic: The Gathering Revised box break event being hosted by Cassius Marsh on October 22nd and 23rd.

BC: How did you come across this booster box of Revised Edition Magic: The Gathering packs?

CM: So the Revised box that we have for this Relics Revisited event was sourced by Troll and Toad. And the guys that run and own the company sourced it in partnership with StockX. So we're all basically partnered in on this project. They sourced the box, StockX bought the box and I am the talent who is breaking the box.

What does this event include for viewers watching this box break remotely? Will you be opening the packs as part of it?

The box break event on the 23rd [of October], we will be opening up each pack for our participants and mailing them out. But there will be a bunch of giveaways that will be released during our live stream. In the middle of this stream, we'll be doing some UltraPro giveaways, some giveaways compliments of StockX, and some giveaways compliments of Cash Cards Unlimited. So we are going to be taking care of our viewers the entire time and just trying to have a good time and give back to the community. You know, these events are about bringing trading cards to the forefront and allowing people to see just how fun and how great this culture really is. And we really just want to give back to the community, create a lot of excitement around the game of magic and, you know, other trading card games in general.

Who are some of the guests who will be in attendance at the event?

So the guys from Game Knights Josh [Lee Kwai] and Jimmy [Wong], the guys from I Hate Your Deck, [Tolarian Community College's The Professor], Lewis Stardust, Z Bag, a bunch of influencers in the space. D.J. Skee will be there. He's not. He's not into Magic: The Gathering yet, but he's definitely curious. So we're going to try and we're going to try to get him into playing Magic and having some fun with this. And then Post Malone will also be there as well.

Besides the obvious money cards, like dual lands and cards that are on the Reserved List, what kind of cards are you personally most hoping to see pulled in this box break?

I just want to see the Underground Sea. I mean, outside of that, it's kind of tough for me. I'm a connoisseur of, you know, the high end of foils and the hard-to-find cards. So I really haven't put a single bit of thought into cards outside of dual lands and stuff like that that I really want to see, so that's a tough question.

Because all these cards are presumably Gem Mint condition in the sealed box, the box is sure to be a big deal for those looking to get their cards graded. Does Cash Cards Unlimited have any grading services?

Yes, we do offer grading services and actually, the top five money hits for the box will be graded by PSA compliments of StockX. So our customers who do pull those big hits will be getting their cards graded for free.

Was the box break auction-based or did people buy in? Nonetheless, how much did the box break earn overall?

So we did do a flat rate, we did $850 per spot. And obviously, it comes with a whole lot more than just the pack, the VIP experience and then some, which is to me is more valuable than than than what the packs were worth. But we did $850 per spot with 36 packs. So I think it's a little little bit over $30,000 is what the box sold for.

Other than the Magic: The Gathering box break, are there any other activities happening during this event, and if so, what are they?

So on the 22nd [of October], we'll have a VIP Commander event. Basically a party where our participants will be invited to come play with myself and the influencers that I listed previously and then we will be doing giveaways during that time. UltraPro will be giving swag bags to all of our participants. We have giveaways of even more swag bags for people who are participating in watching the stream. We have custom playmats exclusive to this event that will be given to our participants and people who are viewing as well, so those will be a part of the giveaway. Yeah, Troll and Toad will be doing some giveaways, as well as Cash Cards Unlimited and StockX, because everybody's giving away free stuff to our viewers and our participants and giving back to the Magic: The Gathering community.

Then, on the 23rd, that's when the box break will happen and that will be a private event. It will just be us. Obviously it's private and in-person, but it'll be streamed to our viewers visiting the YouTube channel and there will be tons of giveaways during that stream as well. So a couple of our guests from among the influencers from the VIP Commander party will be participating in the break as well, helping us open up some of these Revised gems.

If you were to do another event like this one in the future, is there another set that you'd want to open a box of?

My target is Legends. I think that's the next appropriate step up for a box break. And you know, my goal for these Relics Revisited box break events with StockX is to eventually be able to source an Alpha box and break that.

That would be very impressive.

Yeah, that's the goal. So we're going to take it one step at a time, starting with Revised and we've already sourced the Legends box. So that's a little teaser for your readers. We'll do another BreakX event. We actually sold out in 24 hours, which really is something that I had anticipated. But I'm really happy we actually pulled it off, so we're really looking forward to the future of what BreakX is being able to create, this collaboration that we have going with StockX, Troll and Toad, and Cash Cards Unlimited.

Absolutely. So a couple of other fun questions; if you could devise your own Secret Lair drop, what three or four cards would you put in it?

I would do Imperial Seal, Swan Song, Dockside Extortionist, and then I think the fourth card I would go for would be… Maybe a planeswalker. I would say I'd throw Ugin, the Spirit Dragon in there. That's probably my favorite planeswalker.

Imperial Seal, a card from Magic: The Gathering's Portal Three Kingdoms expansion set. This card is incredibly scarce due to a low print run and the test of time.
Imperial Seal, a card from Magic: The Gathering's Portal Three Kingdoms expansion set. This card is incredibly scarce due to a low print run and the test of time.

Lastly, if you could play a game of Commander with any three people in the world who haven't already played Magic: The Gathering with, who would they be?

That is a really good question. I'd say probably I'd like to play with the people who really sat down and created the game together. For example, the creator of the game [Richard Garfield], but I know he had a group of friends that sat down and did it with him. If I could just play with play a game with, you know, three of those individuals who really built the game and experimented to really put together the game of Magic, just to be able to just pick their minds throughout a game of Commander that I think that would be great. To me, [playing against] three original founders of the game would probably be the most interesting game that I'd desire.

If you are interested in watching the live stream of the Commander event on October 22nd at 9:00 PM Central Time or the live box break on October 23rd at 3 PM Central Time, you can do so by clicking here to go to the Cash Cards Unlimited YouTube channel. Further live stream updates can be found on Cassius Marsh's page on Instagram. We look forward to seeing what kinds of additional Magic: The Gathering content Marsh can whip up!

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