Post Malone Spotted In The Wild Playing… Magic: The Gathering?!?

Musical artist Post Malone is a gamer nerd. No, really. And that's totally alright in this day and age. Ever since Stranger Things popularized the trend of normalizing tabletop gaming, celebrities have come out as total super-nerds left and right. Posty is the latest nerd to come out and embrace the geek life. Earlier this year, he had shown interest in the Pokémon franchise, even making an appearance in their 25th Anniversary festivities as a virtual character. The latest embracing of nerd culture by the musician, however, is his love of Magic: The Gathering.

Musical artist Post Malone has been teased for an episode of Game Knights, a show on YouTube created by the Command Zone channel.
Musical artist Post Malone has been teased for an episode of Game Knights, a show on YouTube created by the Command Zone channel.

There has been a fair amount of buzz generated by Post Malone's presence in the Magic community. Multiple sources confirm that Posty had visited a local card shop in California to spend thousands of dollars on cards, while a few other sources speculate that he was the one responsible for placing the winning bid on the Alpha Black Lotus a few months ago. That Black Lotus went for approximately $511,000 USD on eBay, and if Posty was responsible for that, it is entirely plausible that a new precedent for the "Logan Paul effect" (an anomaly in the Pokémon Trading Card Game community where popular influencers like Logan Paul have inflated the markets) will occur for Magic: The Gathering.

This popularity is cemented by the fact that Game Knights, a show on YouTube by the channel known as The Command Zone, will seemingly be hosting Post Malone in an upcoming episode. Game Knights has had a plethora of high-profile guests on their show, including but not limited to NFL player Cassius Marsh, currently an outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Posty would be a huge source of hits for this show, to be sure.

Are you excited to potentially see the market inflate as a result of a similar phenomenon to the "Logan Paul effect" in Magic: The Gathering? Is Post Malone a good face for the game? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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