Is Halo Infinite Really Getting A Battle Royale Mode?

If you believe the latest rumors this weekend, it sounds like there may be a battle royale mode inside Halo Infinite. As we slowly wind closer to actually seeing the release of the game, the theories and rumors about the game have been going a little crazy in a few circumstances. The latest rumor suggests that the game is going to comer with its own battle royale mode, and the suggestion of it comes from the slimmest of circumstances. Direct from Reddit, a user has pointed out the game's listing on Xbox's Japanese website, where you can currently check out some information on the game. Within the info is your standard listing info where they tell you about the seller, the release date, and more. On the Japanese website, they've highlighted the genre area, and when translated the genre given to them is "Battle royale shooting".

Would you want to see a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite? Courtesy of 343 Industries.
Would you want to see a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite? Courtesy of 343 Industries.

Now on the one hand, if this is correct and there is a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite, it could be a cool addition to the game that would bring in a lot of people who may not have given the game a second look after how poorly Halo 5 was received. On the other hand, the company has stated in the past through a couple of different forums that they have no interest in developing a battle royale mode for the game. Could things have honestly changed since then? While we usually say "never say never", this is one of those circumstances where we think this is blown out of proportion and there's no battle royale mode on the way, and it's probably just a bad translation. Especially after the news that they were going to make multiplayer free to everyone who buys the game.

But it does make us curious, would you even want to see battle royale in Halo Infinite? Tell us in the comments below.

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