Konami Releases A New Update For Frogger In Toy Town

Konami revealed this past week that they have released a fresh update into their mobile app game Frogger In Toy Town. The game actually celebrated it's one year anniversary and has been touting itself as one of the bigger titles you can get on Apple Arcade these days. Now the developers are celebrating the first anniversary by adding eight new stages as well as numerous new costumes and collection items. The new update is being called the "Party Cruise" and is themed around a festival with a showboat and harbor bustling with attractions for you to visit as everyone's favorite froggy game icon. Players will be able to unlock festival-themed costumes that you can wear while rescuing froglets on the Water Lily. The update is free to download to the game as we speak, which you can see some extra screenshots of the action below.

Hey, I'm Woody! Howdy, howdy, howdy! Courtesy of Konami.
Hey, I'm Woody! Howdy, howdy, howdy! Courtesy of Konami.

In Frogger In Toy Town, players are tasked with guiding their frog forward to safety, with each level delivering numerous obstacles to evade and challenges to conquer. With toppling blocks, falling books, and other hazards to avoid along the way, Frogger In Toy Town delivers a rich action experience that's brought to life with cute and colorful 3D graphics. Additionally, gamers can gather with friends and family in local cooperative multiplayer mode to team up on the challenges that lie ahead. Since its introduction in 1981, Frogger has remained one of the most classic and beloved arcade game franchises of all time. The simple but challenging premise calls for players to avoid dangers, such as cars in the road, alligators, and snakes, and get their frogs back home safely. The game has appeared on various platforms over the years, played by millions of fans around the world.

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