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Lords Of The Fallen – Review


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CI Games and Deck 13's Lords of the Fallen was recently optimized for mobile by Octopus Games and it is a rather fun rpg. It's got a relatively intuitive UI that allows you to hack and slash your way through the main storyline, with six different directional attacks you control by swiping. It's a basic RPG where you control a former criminal wielding a sword and shield against a demonic army. Harkyn, the game's protagonist, kind of looks like he belongs in the History Channel's Vikings. Sure, you can change his class, but standard layout is as a warrior and I've always liked to tank things.


The has been available on Steam for Windows, Xbox One, and PS4 since October of 2014. It's only been this month that the title came to iOS and Android devices. It's received mixed reviews on Steam for crashing a ton and being an unweildy beast to get running smoothly. It's story is almost non-existent. All of that is definitely still true on mobile. Getting the game to look good on my phone was damn near impossible and voiceovers would cut out at random points and then the game would continue in dead silence.

But as far as something to play during my morning commute goes, it's a pretty fun little fighter. You've got the ability to dodge to both sides and incorrectly dodging means you'll still get hit. The blocking reduces most of the damage of attacks but you still do get a bit rattled. Parrying is a rather sensible tactic, I've found. The attacking combos are controlled by swipes in opposing directions, i.e.: diagonal up, diagonal down, diagonal up. The game doesn't seem to be able to keep up with quick controls on the touchscreen unfortunately. I'll hit a dodge but did so too quickly for the game to register that move. Multiple slash combos don't register if you swipe too quickly between directions – up, down, up becomes up, up. And that's just frustrating.


The worst part though is trying to hold your phone in your hands so you can dodge to both sides, block, and slash. It's a bit tricky. Even if you've got a tiny phone to fit in your tiny hands – yeah, I'm a bit like a certain president in that sense.

Overkill gets you extra XP on fallen enemies though, which the sadist in me greatly appreciates. Nothing like ringing an extra 30 XP out of beating a dead horse, no?


If you go into Lords of the Fallen not expecting much, it's definitely fun. But if you expect a solid RPG with a clear storyline that also looks good, this is probably not the game for you. It's earned both its positive and negative reviews on Steam and I don't think porting it to mobile platforms is going to change any of that. It certainly didn't for me. That said, it's definitely a good game to pull out if you've got a few minutes to kill while waiting in line or while sitting on a bus on your way home from work.

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