Madden NFL 22 Releases Gridiron Notes About Multiple Areas

EA Sports released a bunch of new info in their Gridiron Notes section for Madden NFL 22, revealing more about a few specific sections. Specifically, these notes go over a few things people have had issues with in teh past or wanted to see improvements on, such as equipment, player likeness, and the rosters. They also touch on player ratings a bit, which are always controversial no matter who you root for. You can read the full notes here, but we have a couple of snippets of sections below you might find interesting, along with some new screenshots.

Madden NFL 22 Releases Gridiron Notes About Multiple Areas
Credit: Electronic Arts


Let's start with one of our most fan-requested additions: mouthpieces. While we added an initial offering of mouthpieces via Title Update in Madden NFL 21, in Madden NFL 22 all the primary and secondary team colors will be supported across all modes, for both NFL players and created characters. This will be across current gen and last gen consoles. Another fan-favorite feature coming to Madden NFL 22 is fully functional sock height customization, including all striped socks. This means no matter how an NFL player likes to wear his socks, or how you, the gamer, wants to customize socks, all sock types in the game will respect the proper sock height across default, low and high. We have also added new color variations of arm tape, and are offering both short and long variations for different styles in the tape length. New smoked and dark Oakley visor variations have also been added as options to customize your helmet look.

Madden NFL 22 Ratings

We are excited to share some news about our usage of NFL Next Gen Stats in our ratings process.

During the Madden NFL 21 season, we started using the average of the top five speeds recorded by each player, via Next Gen Stats, to get a better evaluation for our Speed rating. Using real-life data from the NFL, and accounting for player performance on a weekly and yearly basis, we will deliver a more accurate representation of player speed on the Madden gridiron. In addition to the speed data, we find it really important to take into account recorded 40-yard-dash times and watch game film to see how it translates to game-speed. To summarize, we're matching up the Next Gen Stats data and combining numbers with actual game footage to improve our creation process of Speed and Acceleration ratings for Madden NFL 22. As you have seen throughout the game over the last two years, NFL Next Gen Stats is a big part of where we're taking our game in terms of player performance and we're continuing to find more ways to integrate this data into ratings processes in the future.

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