Magikarp Community Day Confirmed for August 8th in Pokémon GO

Bleeding Cool reported on it first after earlier speculation was seemingly confirmed by an update to Pokémon GO's code, and now Niantic has confirmed Magikarp Community Day. The event, a controversial pick to say the least, will happen on August 8th and will from 11am to 5pm local time. Though this pick may disappoint certain players, there is a huge benefit to Magikarp Community Day. Check out our breakdown and find out what it is.

Magikarp Community Day in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic.
Magikarp Community Day in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic.

Triple Stardust for Magikarp Community Day

Stardust is the most valued mechanic in the game, and six hours of triple dust will make Magikarp Community Day worth playing. Even if the idea of a Shiny Magikarp doesn't excite trainers, as it has been a common catch in the years following its release, triple Stardust is always a welcome bonus.

Elite Charged TM

The Community Day boxes are expensive, but with Shadow Mewtwo just released at GO Fest 2020, an Elite Charged TM is very welcome at this point. A Shadow Mewtwo that is given both Shadow Ball and Psystrike, for example, will be an unparalleled attacker in the game.

Mega Evolution?

Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, and Gyarados has an incredible Mega Evolution. Though this mechanic has not yet been introduced into Pokémon GO, its arrival is announced. A surprise release, similar to how Remote Raiding was rolled out, would turn this Community Day from a puzzling choice into a historic moment.

Mega Gyarados could save Magikarp Community Day. Credit: The Pokémon Company.
Mega Gyarados could save Magikarp Community Day. Credit: The Pokémon Company.

Through evolution on during event hours, Gyarados will receive the exclusive Charged Move of Aqua Tail. This is not a game-changer for the Pokémon, so the success of the day will largely hinge on if Gyarados is able to Mega Evolve. If not, it will be a great time to farm Stardust while looking back fondly on brighter Community Days. Magikarp was the first Shiny Pokémon released in Pokémon GO, making July and August the first two months to ever feature previously Shiny capable Pokémon as the Community Day picks. This sets a disappointing standard and, if the formerly Legendary Research Breakthrough is to be seen as an example, Community Days may have a murky future.

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