Mario Kart Tour Is Reportedly Heavily Monetized in Beta Form

People may not be too keen on the current build of Mario Kart Tour as news has come out that the mobile game will be heavily monetized. The report is coming from Serkan Toto, who works for Kantan Games (a Japanese gaming consulting firm), posted his findings of the beta version of the game on Twitter. The post is brief, but he lays down the fact that the game is, more or less, a pay-to-win scenario as you basically have to pay for nearly anything that isn't basic. What's more, some of the rare racers (which you have to also pay for) have advantages over regular racers, meaning anyone playing with a basic racer is looking at a loss in the game.

Now as he pointed out, Mario Kart Tour is still in beta, so a lot of what is being reported could be changed. But based on the comments following his post, it's clear that there are a ton of people who are already turned off by the idea of Nintendo coming out with a game with the singular purpose of making money on every aspect possible, and adding in the caveat that the only way to win is to get something you must pay for. We'll see if any changes are made between now and whenever the game is released this Summer for Android. But we're suspecting that if the company has gone this far to monetize every aspect in the game, there's little likelihood they'll change that until after it comes out and they get public feedback to the final product.

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