Marvel Future Fight Launches Phoenix Force Inspired Update

Netmarble has launched a new update into Marvel Future Fight today as players can experience the glory that is the Phoenix Force. Specifically from the recent events that took place during Avengers: Enter The Phoenix where, as we have learned many times over, people just can't help themselves when wielding amazing levels of power and they become avatars of The Phoenix themselves. Which you can see for yourself here as we have Captain America, Hyperion, and Wolverine all wearing their brightly-colored Phoenix gear. (Incidentally, is it just us, or is Logan wearing something Wonder Woman used to own?) In any case, the event will be running for the next few weeks as they introduce the new Artifact system to mess with the universe once again and make your battles harder. You can read more about it below along with the latest trailer to show parts of it off.

Marvel Future Fight Launches Phoenix Force Inspired Update
Credit: Netmarble

Players can gear up for this content with the introduction of the new Artifact system, which makes it possible to further strengthen their assortment of characters. Artifacts are new equipment for characters that enhance certain attributes depending on which character has them equipped. Each in-game character has an exclusive Artifact that impart a special passive skill once equipped. If a character equips a non-character-specific artifact, they still have access to attribute bonuses given by the item. Artifacts can be broken down into Celestial Essence, which can be used to enhance these items for stronger attribute bonuses. Players can earn Artifacts through Timeline Survival mode. Other updates coming to Marvel Future Fight include:

  • Three new "Enter the Phoenix" uniforms for Captain America, Hyperion and Wolverine can now be collected.
  • New 'Threat Level' difficulty levels for 'Timeline Survival' (Levels 4-6) have been added.
  • Hyperion is now upgradeable to Tier-3 and has a new ultimate skill added.

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