We Got Free Content Codes For Metin2: Curse Of The Serpent Queen

Gameforge has released a new content update this week for Metin2: Curse Of The Serpent Queen and we have a chance for you to get in on it. Along with the info below and the latest trailer telling you about the new content, the company has given us a set of codes you can you in the game to get some special items. Those include a Teleportation Ring, a Golden War-Ochs, a pair of Thief's Gloves, a Third Hand, and a Lucky Medal. You can get the codes down at the bottom as it is first-come-first serve. Once they're used on an account, they're gone.

The Serpent Queen awaits you in Metin2, courtesy of Gameforge.
The Serpent Queen awaits you in Metin2, courtesy of Gameforge.

The wrath of the Serpent Queen descends upon the continent of Yohara. As of today, publisher Gameforge announces the release of the newest content update to their legendary massively multiplayer online action role-playing game Metin2. Curse of the Serpent Queen introduces a treacherous new zone, deadly new dungeons, ruthless new bosses, and new high-level armor to aid you on your quest to vanquish Metin2's most fatal foe yet in the conquest of Yohara! This new chapter invites players to continue their adventures across the mysterious continent of Yohara. Having heard of a powerful strategic foothold in the far East of the continent, right hand to Sung Mahi, Serpent Queen Nethis, has set out on a journey in search of an ancient temple to establish control in Sung Mahi's name. Her goal: recover a mighty treasure that could turn the tide of battle in their favor. However, the lust for power is fraught with peril — upon reaching the temple, a cruel curse befell Nethis and her army, twisting their bodies and turning them into horrific serpentine creatures. Now it is up to the bravest warriors to wrest control of the temple from Nethis, destroy the Serpent Queen and her battalion — or suffer the same fate and join her ranks in Metin2!

  • New Zone – Yilad Pass: Venture along the cursed, winding road to gain access to the Serpent Temple and experience a new, thrilling storyline. Keep your guard up as new quests and Tainted War Chiefs with their polluted army will make your journey a dangerous one. Warriors adventurous enough to make the trek will be rewarded with new legendary armour to aid them.
  • New Dungeon – Serpent Temple: At the centre of Yilad Pass lies the impregnable lair of the Serpent Queen: The Serpent Temple. Battling with new, slithery, serpentine monsters using challenging new mechanics across several sub-basements will net adventurers rare drops such as Serpent equipment and other rare goodies. But be quick about it – unless you craft at the Serpent Statue, you must work against the clock to evade the curse of the Serpent Queen!
  • New Dungeon – Mysterious Dungeon: A twisted maze awaits you in Metin2 with Nam Gwang Chasm bursting with rapidly spawning different types of monsters, high-level weapons, and a new, mysterious talisman!
  • New Armour Set – Serpent Equipment: What is a new update without shiny, new armour? Deck your character in the finest and most powerful serpentine armour with room for several bonuses which can be upgraded!


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