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Minecraft Education Launches CyberSafe: Good Game

Minecraft Education has a new initiative they have launched ahead of Safer Internet Day they are calling CyberSafe: Good Game.

Article Summary

  • Minecraft Education unveils CyberSafe: Good Game for online safety.
  • Timed for Safer Internet Day, it teaches managing online interactions.
  • Players learn to handle bullies and distractions in gaming scenarios.
  • The Good Game Guide is created as a conduct code for online gaming.

Xbox Game Studios and Mojang have launched a new initiative with Minecraft Education, as CyberSafe: Good Game has come out ahead of Safer Internet Day. This new addition to the title is the third of its kind, designed to teach lessons through "an immersive, safety-themed learning world." Kids who play the game will be taken through a series of unique scenarios and challenges, all wrapped into a single story that is designed to teach them better ways to stay safe when gaming or just browsing the internet in general. As well as how to have healthier online interactions and experiences. We have a snippet of info about it below from Xbox Wire, as the content is now live.

Credit: Mojang

Minecraft – CyberSafe: Good Game

CyberSafe: Good Game takes place just before summer break, as a group of friends discusses how to level up in their favorite game together. Unfortunately, one of their friends can't play because they broke their controller after a series of frustrating encounters with online bullies. To help their friend, players create a Good Game Guide. This guidebook will provide helpful strategies for managing challenging online situations in support of a safer, more enjoyable gaming experience.

In CyberSafe: Good Game, players encounter common problems they might experience in online spaces, including online bullies sabotaging their success, excessive distractions from the in-game chat, inappropriate screen names and language, and more. In each scenario, they'll have the chance to use the right tools to address the issue. Players can choose to ignore, correct, mute, or report a behavior. After each challenge, players will reflect on what they've experienced and add an entry into their Good Game Guide. At the end of the adventure, they'll be able to use this guidebook as a code of conduct for their future online gaming experiences.

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