Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two Is Amusing If Not Riveting So Far

Minecraft: Story Mode Review

Minecraft: Story Mode Review
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Telltale Games' second season of Minecraft: Story Mode kicked off this week with Episode 1. The second season of Minecraft Story Mode gets off to a bit of a rocky start with a recap of Season One, and then sees your character wandering around Beacon Town, hanging with your loyal fans. Things pick up when you meet back up with Petra, and from there it's apretty straight shot toward the end of the episode.

Episode 1 has a decent number of free movement areas, which let you explore as you like, and a couple of combat scenarios, amid the usual quick-time checks. It does quite a bit more to keep the player interested, with controller or mouse in hand, than some oter Telltale games.

Minecraft: Story Mode Review

That increased engagement plays off really well. I admit, occasionally I sit there playing a Telltale game and wonder why it isn't just an animated series. But Season Two of Minecraft: Story Mode so far has kept me solidly grounded in video game territory. Part of that is because its Minecraft. Hard to forget you're playing a game when it is a game about a game.

And Telltale leverage Mojang's hit game pretty well. The moments when you build, destroy, or craft in Story Mode really does a great job of making this game different than your average Telltale series.

Minecraft: Story Mode Review

A bit of the story is a little bit tired, after a while, it becomes a little redundant to see the "adventurer finds a potentially cursed object" storyline over and over, but at least we have Telltale's typical humor going.

Episode One of Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two is a pretty solid opening for the season, grounding the game in its genre and setting up a storyline that is very much amusing if not riveting.

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