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Brian Conlin writes,

Have you ever looked at a deer head mounted on someone's wall and thought how odd it is to mount the carcass of a dead animal? Imagine the conversations that will stir within your home when you have a fantastic beast adorning your wall instead of the run-of-the-mill prey.


My second monster taxidermy Kickstarter campaign is well underway. After successfully funding and delivering my previous project of Groblynn heads I wanted to explore a creepier and more unsettling creature.

I sculpted the head of a beast known as a Salazarite. This was originally inspired by cave crickets found in the southeastern United States.

I had moved to Georgia twenty years ago and was crawling around foolishly under a friends house when what I thought to be a swarm of spiders began jumping like crickets all around me. I was frozen to the spot completely petrified. I've never liked insects much, especially spiders, and this looked like some form of ancient evil that was quickly making me lose my sanity. After a few years of recovery, therapy, and not going into crawl spaces, I pushed my fear onto others by introducing these menacing critters into a D&D game I was running. Seeing how strongly my friends reacted to the idea of them I knew I had to sculpt these nasty beasties.


I have sculpted the original piece, created a silicone mold, and made a resin casting to ensure that these are going to look fantastic. Because I successfully funded my last Kickstarter, I added a few additional tiers to make sure that there's something for everyone. From the taxidermy head, to a watchful eye, to a pincer of protection, and a few more in between… there should be something that will tickle anyone's fancy.


As a huge thanks to the fans of Bleeding Cool, if we hit 100 backers over the weekend every backer who is getting something shipped to them will get a limited edition enamel pin of the Salazarite head! I hit my financial goal within the first hour because I set a really low attainable entry point. I wanted to produce these pieces, and know that the material costs can scale as new folks join me on my quest. More than anything I want to get more people to see the weirdness that I am creating.

So where do these things come from? All of the creatures that I make are from Revilo, a fantasy world that I have been building over the past few years as I sculpt new creatures for conventions and gallery shows. The world is rich with unique species, societies, cultures, and histories (each having their own stories to tell).

There are currently around thirty species that I have created with many more coming in the near future as I prepare for Origins Game Fair, GenCon, and DragonCon. If you're going to be at one of those shows, please hunt me down to chat me up!

If you've made it this far Thank You and please check out my Kickstarter, and consider supporting me on my quest!





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