N++, The Worlds Greatest Platformer, Is Coming To Xbox One


The game that calls itself the "world's greatest platformer," N++ will finally be making it's way to Microsoft's  Xbox One consoles. So Xbox players can get to experience the thrill of narrowly escaping enemies, collecting gold, and just generally being the best parkour-loving ninja around. Developer Metanet Software is bringing the full N++ Ultimate Edition to Xbox One sometime this summer.

After another year of work by Metanet,  N++ Ultimate Edition doubles the size of N++ and includes 60 dynamic new colour schemes, new levels, new ninja headbands, new secrets and everything else you'd expect of a parkour abusing, side-scrolling, platformer. The game will include an absurd 4340 hand-crafted levels where players can play through the lengthy and challenging solo campaign, play with friends in Couch Co-op, or join the local competitive Race mode. New to the game is a brand new mode named Hardcore: which markets itself as a mode all about skill, which changes the rules of the game and shows Solo mode in a whole new light.


And if none of this has sold you yet, well, quoting Metanet's PR, "N++ Ultimate Edition truly could be the last platformer anyone may need to buy." Which is a bold claim no matter how you slice it.

N++ Ultimate Edition will be coming to Xbox One this summer. The game is currently available on Steam for Windows PC and Mac, and on PlayStation 4.

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