Nacon Reveals Multiple Products For Xbox Series X

This week, Nacon revealed multiple video game peripherals for the Xbox Series X, including a few new controllers. With a new system on the way, the company decided to make a few new items that complement the console, whether you choose the X or S version. That includes two new mobile controllers that fit around your smartphone in the MG-X and MG-X Pro models, as well as the new Revolution X controller which also has a Pro version. You can read more about these below from the company themselves, as these will become available in early 2021.

A look at the Revolution X Pro, courtesy of Nacon.
A look at the Revolution X Pro, courtesy of Nacon.

The two MG-X controllers are sturdy and include adjustable stands that securely accommodate any Android smartphone up to 6.7 inches. In just a few taps, the smartphone wirelessly (Bluetooth 4.2) connects to the controller and provides up to 20 hours of gaming thanks to the included rechargeable battery. The MG-X is a compact model, which fits all hand sizes and is ultra-portable. With its gamer-focused design, it turns smartphones into a handheld console.

A look at the MGX, courtesy of Nacon.
A look at the MG-X, courtesy of Nacon.

For an experience closer to traditional controllers, players will want to choose the MG-X Pro. With its two handles and traditional controller shape, it provides comfort and robustness to fully enjoy your favorite smartphone games.

A look at the MG-X Pro, courtesy of Nacon.
A look at the MG-X Pro, courtesy of Nacon.

The Revolution continues on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! The Revolution family of controllers is expanding and welcoming its very first Designed for Xbox model. Fully customizable and optimized for competitive gaming on consoles and PC, all of NACON's expertise in professional controllers has gone into the Revolution X. With full-featured software for creating profiles, a carry case, stick accessories and additional weights, it will appeal to the most demanding gamers. With ergonomics tailored to a wide range of hand sizes, gamers will love the many customization options available with NACON's Pro Compact controller. As well as enjoying all the classic features of the Xbox Wireless Controller, fans can choose a standard game mode or advanced mode thanks to the dedicated app available for consoles and PC. The Pro Compact is a versatile and accessible model with many different settings usually found on professional controllers, including programmable buttons, stick settings and trigger sensitivity controls. It is an ideal choice for gamers looking for the best in comfort and customization.

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