New Bethesda IP 'Starfield' Revealed- First New IP in 25 Years

As Bethesda was wrapping up its E3 2018 press conference, it graced us with a pair of big reveals. The first of which, which we will be discussing here, is Starfield, their first new game franchise in 25 years.

It was a very soft reveal, mind you. The build-up was more interesting than the payoff. This was mostly due to the odd moment where you have to process that Bethesda has not developed a new IP in-house in 25 years (remember things like Dishonored were developed by other studious).

The trailer feels very Star Wars both in terms of video and audio. It is beyond vague too, and it's the kind of thing you can only get away with when you're a developer and publisher big with videogame nerds who know that, somewhere down the line, this may actually be something worth talking about. Also, it's good to get press sites to start circulating buzz about the Starfield.

There have been talks about Starfield's development for some time before this official announcement. Some question whether it's going to happen, but this announcement trailer puts them more on the record. So, they may feel obligated to actually do it now.

Obviously, that worked. Whoops.

Anyway, moments of introspection aside, the Starfield trailer is available to watch below. It looks and sounds pretty if nothing else, and it gives you a Bethesda website URL, though the site isn't up yet. Kind of embarrassing on their behalf, I gotta say.

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