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Niantic Responds To Mega Evolution Controversy In Pokémon GO

Earlier this week, Niantic rolled out Mega Evolution and Mega Raids in Pokémon GOAfter much speculation of how this feature would be implemented, trainers soon saw it all laid out: Pokémon would Mega Evolve with species-specific Mega Energy, which can be obtained by completing either Special Research or Mega Raids, with more Energy given the quicker the raid boss is taken down. Mega Evolution, a four-hour long power-up rather than a permanent evolution, has a high cost the first time its used on a Pokémon, which then received a 75% discount when done again. While some trainers have praised this new feature, the response has been mixed on social media with many players expressing frustration to Niantic for the paywall to Mega Evolution. Now, Niantic has responded with a brief message on social media and a more in-depth post on Reddit.

Response to Mega Evolution Controversy in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Response to Mega Evolution Controversy in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

It didn't take long for the response to come. Niantic tweeted:

"Trainers, we are excited that we were able to introduce Mega Evolutions into the world of #PokemonGO. We are actively listening to your feedback and look forward to sharing more about how this feature will grow in the future."

A Niantic spokesperson, "NianticIndigo," took to the popular Pokémon GO Silph Road Subreddit to give a longer explanation:

"Hi all! First, thanks for all the feedback that you've all shared on Mega Raids. A lot of it has been seen by our teams, and we're happy to hear about the parts you've enjoyed!

We also hear your feedback loud and clear that:

The first Mega Evolution takes a large amount of energy.

The time limit to Mega Evolution does not feel worth the resources used to collect the Mega Energy required.

You'd like other ways to gain Mega Energy.

The feature feels that you have to pay to Mega Evolve your Pokémon.

So, please know that we're discussing how we can address these concerns, though we're in the very early stages and it might be some time before you see changes implemented in-game. We do have some changes in the pipeline already, but again we don't have a set schedule just yet.

I also would like to ask y'all to share more Mega-related feedback with me by replying to this comment! Anything from elaboration on the points above, to sharing your experiences raiding. I likely won't be able to respond much, but your comments will be shared with the team. :)

It remains to be seen how Niantic will update Mega Evolution in the future,  but expecting major changes soon will lead to disappointment. It would make sense if Niantic introduced more ways to obtain Mega Energy, but it is unlikely than many other big alterations will be made to this system in the near future.

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