Niantic Teams With Baskin-Robbins For Temporary Pokémon GO Bonuses

Niantic has entered into a new collaboration with ice cream giant Baskin-Robbins in Pokémon GO. During this collaboration, United States-based Baskin-Robbins locations will turn into PokéStops and Gyms. These new PokéStops and Gyms are temporary and appeared suddenly in-game last week with the Baskin-Robbins logo in place of the normal location-based photograph that appears on these stops. The reason behind this became clear when Baskin-R0bbins announced this new Pokémon GO endeavor on their social media.

New sponsored content in Pokémon GO now. Credit: Baskin-Robbins
New sponsored content in Pokémon GO now. Credit: Baskin-Robbins

Along with this collaboration, a new asset has been added to the game: Sponsored Gifts. These Gifts are seemingly different than gifts that have previously been acquired from spinning stops at Niantic partners like Starbucks and Mexico-based 7-Elevens. While previous sponsored stops have offered exclusive tasks, the Gifts acquired at Baskin-Robbins PokéStops and Gyms have appeared entirely different, with a fully pink hue rather than the yellow and pink icon of standard gifts. It remains to be seen if these Gifts will actually supply different content in the future, but they appear to be, other than their color, not giving anything different.

It isn't clear when this collaboration will end and the Gyms and PokéStops will disappear, but it's an interesting step for Niantic as they continue to roll out new content in Pokémon GO. Adding exclusive items to Sponsored Gifts could be an interesting step. For example, shop-only items such as Poffins or Remote Raid Passes in Sponsored Gifts would certainly incentivize Pokémon GO trainers to get out to Baskin-Robbins and spin the stops a few times while getting some ice cream. There is nothing in the current code that suggests these changes are coming in Sponsored Gifts, but adding some exclusivity to these Gifts would make sense rather than them looking entirely different in color for aesthetic reasons only.

For those looking to acquire one of these Sponsored Gifts, they are currently available in Pokémon GO at Baskin-Robbins physical locations.

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