Nine Years Of Shadows Will Release In Mid-November

Freedom Games and Halberd Studios revealed this week that Nine Years Of Shadows is set to be released this November. This is a colorful pixel art Metroidvania that will take you back to a particular era in gaming, where you'll be tasked with trying to break a curse spread across the land with he help of a ghostly partner. The game is currently set to make its debut on PC on November 14th, 2022, with a Nintendo Switch version on the way in Q1 2023.

Nine Years Of Shadows Will Release In Mid-November
Credit: Freedom Games

Color has been stripped from a once-prosperous land due to a calamitous curse leaving the world in shades of only black and white. Young operatic warrior Europa takes up her massive halberd and sets out to restore the chromatic essence of life. Enter the Talos Castle, ground zero for this ghastly disaster, to take on gruesome enemies and more than 20 rhythmic bosses across 11 biomes alongside a magical specter in the form of Europa's childhood teddy bear, Apino. Control both Europa and Apino simultaneously to mix up attacks while also utilizing their individual offensive and healing magics. Don one of four different elemental armor sets channeling the power of Greek gods. Swing an 8-foot long halberd, classically backstep out of danger's way, shoot projectiles with Apino's shield energy, and take note of each foe's elemental weaknesses.

Music is at the core of everything throughout 9 Years of Shadows; touting a soundtrack by celebrated composers Michiru Yamane (Castlevania series) and Norihiko Hibino (Metal Gear Solid series). Composed and recorded specifically at 432hz, the scientifically proven frequency to promote feelings of healing and positivity, each song empowers everyone to see their strengths in the struggles of each encounter. Boss' attack patterns are tuned to their respective track rhythm to create iconic flow states and the feeling of physically traversing a sheet of music, solidifying the music's impact on the story, art, gameplay, and overall design.

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