Nintendo Announced Mario Kart Tour For Mobile In 2019

Some big news from Nintendo as they have decided to expand their mobile gaming system yet again with a brand new title, this one focusing on the Mario Kart series. The company announced Mario Kart Tour would be coming next year as a mobile app game on their Twitter account.

Now what exactly is going to be in Mario Kart Tour is anyone's guess, but considering how well done and successful Super Mario Run was done, you kinda have to have some faith in Nintendo to put together a decent racing game in a mobile format. The fact that we're not getting it until March 2019 is a little telling as well since it would suggest they have a clear vision of what they want it to look like (which we can only assume would be like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) but have yet to determine how to fully implement a watered-down version of it into an app. Whatever the case may be, it gives us something cool to potentially look forward to at Tokyo Game Show this year.

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