Nintendo Announces A New Indie World Showcase For August 18th

Nintendo has dropped word of another Direct feed this morning, but this time it will be another Indie World Showcase. Almost a year to the date of the previous one held before PAX West 2019, this is basically Nintendo's way of showing off all of the indie games they intend to bring to the console over the next year. Or at least, in the near to immediate future for many of them as they'll get released shortly after the event or in time for the holidays. Since PAX West is not a thing this year and it's been changed to PAX Online to accommodate for COVID-19, that does throw a bit of a wrench into the mix as many of the games they show off are usually on the convention floor. Since we're still a little unclear as to how games will get highlighted in September, there's a good chance we're seeing games we won't be able to touch for quite a while.

The next Indie World Showcase will take place on August 18th, courtesy of Nintendo.
The next Indie World Showcase will take place on August 18th, courtesy of Nintendo.

As to what's actually getting showcased, that's the fun mystery we get to wait until tomorrow to see. Usually, by now there's some indication of a few of the indie games we'll probably end up seeing on the docket. Since that's not really a thing at the moment, we're basically left waiting until tomorrow to see what the Indie World Showcase has in store. If you'd like to check it out, the livestream will be taking place at 9am PT on Nintendo's official YouTube channel as they'll play roughly 20 minutes of information. When the event is over we'll have a rundown of all the titles announced during the feed and have a little bit of analysis of what will probably have the biggest impact on the console.

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