Nintendo Drops A Surprise Direct Video For Super Nintendo World

Nintendo dropped another surprise Direct video on everyone yesterday, this time showing off Super Nintendo World, hosted by Shigeru Miyamoto. Up until now the only viable thing we've seen from the theme park, set in Universal Studios Japan, is some images, a little video, and a lot of footage filmed from outside the park at a distance. But very little of that has been official video from inside the park that shows off everything you will be able to see and do. Essentially, the two parties involved have been teasing us for over a year about something that few have been able to actually go in and check out. Well, that all changed yesterday afternoon when out of the blue, Nintendo threw up a 15 minutes livestream hosted by the self-described "Mario's Dad", as he took viewers on a tour of the park as it is set to be opened up in 2021.

Super Nintendo World will officially open on February 4th, 2021, courtesy of Universal Studios Japan.
Super Nintendo World will officially open on February 4th, 2021, courtesy of Universal Studios Japan.

The video itself is about as cute yet promotional as you might expect from Nintendo and Miyamoto, as he walks around showing you various aspects of the place. He shows off a lot of the detail that went into making the park, which honestly feels more like walking through one giant Mario Kart level than anything else except for the main portions of the world. He also goes in-depth about explaining how the wristbands and the app will work on your phone as you interact with different aspects of the park like the "?" Blocks. We also get a look at the cafeteria there where you can order food inspired by the Mushroom Kingdom with Toad as your chef. They also tease one of the rides but show nothing of it as they want you to buy a ticket to actually see it. Enjoy the video as we wait for the park to open in February.

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