Nintendo Claims the Switch is America's Fastest-Selling Console Ever

Nintendo is claiming the Switch has beaten out every single console launch ever to become the fastest-selling console in the US.

Nintendo Claims the Switch is America's Fastest-Selling Console Ever

The company has stated the system has sold 4.8 million consoles in the US in 10 months. That makes it faster selling than the next previous record holder, the Wii, by 800,000 copies. In a statement (via Fortune), Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Amie talked about the achievement, considering what he thinks is really causing such a big surge for the console. He said:

"Whether this is a dedicated gamer who doesn't want to stop playing Mario or Zelda, or whether it's a child experiencing these franchises for the very first time, we believe the value proposition as well as the compelling content is what's fueling our momentum."

Sadly, we don't have a worldwide number to go on, but back in September, it was reported that 7.6 million consoles had been sold. Coming out of the holidays, and with this number as a baseline, you have to imagine it has ballooned well past that now.

The success of the Nintendo Switch is truly unexpected. This is a huge milestone. Many thought due to the shifting nature of games and consoles, the Wii's lifetime sales number would never be touchable, but now it doesn't seem so preposterous. The hybrid model has really captured the imagination of the market, and here is hoping it continues to build on its fantastic launch year.

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