Inner Voices Review: A Horror Puzzle Game I Was Not Expecting To Like As Much As I Do

Inner Voices

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Fat Dog Games and Sigma Games' horror game Inner Voices is basically a dark puzzle game, with the occasional jump scare. (Or not-so-occasional, depending on where you set the Jump Scare options.) The game is non-linear, so it may take you a bit of time to figure out what exactly is going on, between flailing your way around jump scares to solve puzzles.

The controls are relatively intuitive and shouldn't provide too much trouble, but on occasion things get a little weird, like in the screen above. A, D, and E do not feel like the keys I should be using to control that screen. A and D, sure, that's fine. E is a bit of an odd key to hit, when W would work just as well.

Still, that's a lot of me just being nitpicky.

It's an absolutely gripping mystery, and that's what is going to push you through the game in the first place. It may not seem like much, with the exploration and puzzle solving aspects being the main focus of a lot of the promotional material. But between those puzzles, you are piecing together your own character's backstory. John Blake doesn't remember a thing about who he is, and since you have no idea either, it makes for a pretty good setup. The mystery should be enough to give you the occasional chill, but the jump scares are still there.

Granted, you can turn those off now.

I honestly was not expecing Inner Voices to grip me the way it did. I figured I would play it now and again, picking it up and putting it down between playing other games. And yet, here we are. I haven't wanted to pick up anything else, because I'm too busy trying to sink my teeth into a non-linear narrative mystery — and that's the kind of thing that just grabs me right off the bat.

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