Paizo Announces New Starfinder Adventure "Against the Aeon Throne"

Paizo has announced a new three-part adventure for Starfinder called "Against the Aeon Throne", releasing the first of three parts this week. The first part will be called "The Reach of Empire", which is an opening campaign designed for characters level 1-7, currently going for sale for $23. Two more adventures are set to follow in September and November with "Escape from the Prison Moon" and "The Rune Drive Gambit", respectively. We have a snippet from the press release describing the Starfinder adventure below, along with an introduction video.

Paizo Announces New Starfinder Adventure "Against the Aeon Throne"

"Hired to transport supplies to a new Pact Worlds colony in the Vast, the heroes discover that the Azlanti Star Empire has invaded and occupied the colony with a small military force. The heroes must liberate the colony from its merciless oppressors, only to learn that the Azlanti have taken both an experimental starship drive and one of the colonists―an old friend of the heroes―back to the Star Empire! – "The Reach of Empire"

Each monthly full-color softcover Starfinder Adventure Path volume contains a new installment of a series of interconnected science-fantasy quests that together create a fully developed plot of sweeping scale and epic challenges. Each 64-page volume of the Starfinder Adventure Path also contains in-depth articles that detail and expand the Starfinder campaign setting and provide new rules, a host of exciting new monsters and alien races, a new planet to explore and starship to pilot, and more!

"I loved framing an adventure where the PCs are stealthy rebels. The enemy seems so powerful and overwhelming at first that the heroes must be calculated and careful, hoping to gain allies, perform sabotage, and tip things in their favor. Heroes do their fair share of exploring abandoned locations and confronting traps and monsters, so I liked having an urban-based adventure where the stakes feel high and they're working among the people that they're helping." – Ron Lundeen, Starfinder Developer and lead writer of "The Reach of Empire."

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