Phil Spencer Thinks Xbox Games Pass Model Could Be Good for Single-Player Games

Xbox head Phil Spencer has talked about how he thinks the Xbox Game Pass will help creativity in games and help single-player titles in the long run.

Phil Spencer Thinks Xbox Games Pass Model Could Be Good for Single-Player Games

The discussion surrounding single-player games has been a pretty controversial one in recent months. With fallout from the closure of Visceral Games as well as growing concerns from companies over sales and longevity of single-player games, it's clear something is probably going to have to give in the near future in terms of budgets, business models, or audience (or all of the above), as game development costs grow and grow.

Well, Spencer thinks that single-player games could see some support by way of the Xbox Game Pass. The service is a Netflix-style library that allows players to pay a subscription fee and pick up games as they like. What's more is that it's been announced that all first party games will be coming to the service day and date of release. Responding to a user on Twitter, he explained he thinks the model will be good for creativity in general. He said:

What's more is Spencer says the goal of the service is to add more studios to service, including other studios:

While I think it is a bit roundabout, there is a decent logic to this. If a game turns up on a service you are paying for already, you're likely more inclined to play it and check it out over seeking out the title and buying it full price. This means more players will likely play these single-player games and grow their audiences from there. How that ends up translating into money for the developer isn't clear, but I'm sure there is some kind of system in place there. While I think the service has a long way to go until it is totally sustainable, the potential there is exciting.

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