Photo Mode is Now Available in Far Cry 5

Ubisoft has now added a photo mode to Far Cry 5, aloowing players to really get try and find beautiful snaps across the cult-ridden Montana.

Far cry 5

Photo modes have become a pretty appreciated feature in most modern AAA video games. The feature has slowly been making its way into a lot of single-player focused releases, allowing players to manipulate their environments, characters, filters and more to create some truly breathtaking bits of photography in a digital space. From Horizon: Zero Dawn to Assassin's Creed: Origins the Last of Us, it's becoming more and more prevalent.

Well, we can now add Far Cry 5 to the list. In a new patch, Ubisoft has added the mode alongside various other fixes and changes. Players can now stop the action and look for a great snap which shouldn't be too hard. The game looks excellent and the Montana landscape and wildlife will give plenty of room to get stuck in. In the patch notes, Ubisoft say of the mode:

  • While photo mode is active, the game switches to third person view and the camera can be rotated or moved around your character to find the best angle.
  • Settings like time of day, user interface, and field of view can also be adjusted to set up the best scene for your photoshoot.
  • Enhance your screenshots even further with a variety of special effects! Filters, frames, and logos can be added directly to your photos.
  • You can even customize the facial expressions of your character to create the perfect selfie!

While this probably won't sell the game to new players, it's a great little addition for those who are still playing to mess around with. There are plenty of interesting things to take photos of, so get snapping.

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